Guide to Drop Zone Cowork

Everything (almost) you need to use DZC...

What's DZC?

Our goal with DZC is to both provide productive work options for the Methow community and to create community in the Methow around work. Like many things in the Methow, DZC thrives through cooperation, collaboration, and consideration. As a member or visitor, you're now part of this too. Anything you can do to help others have a great day and help us keep DZC running smoothly is much appreciated. And if you see something not quite right, let us know at


If you're not vaccinated, face coverings that cover your mouth and nose are required inside when not in the conference room or phone booths. We also provide disinfecting spray to clean your workspace.


With COVID-19, please no guests inside Drop Zone Cowork's open area. You are welcome to have guests with you in the conference room.


There are three slots facing the river between the Drop Zone Cowork and Methow Rafting (formerly Methow Trails) that are for Drop Zone Cowork. You can also parallel park across the street. No parking directly in front of the sidewalk windows please.


Drop Zone Cowork is open 24/7. You can gain instant access as soon as you sign up, including a 4 digit code via email to provide access to the front door as well as our Wi-Fi code.


Drop Zone Cowork is generally a quiet and studious place. If you are mostly listening in to a call with headphones, you can take it anywhere. If you’re actively participating on a call, please use the phone booth, book the conference room, or take it outside.

Phone booths

The two phone booths are available first come, first serve, for calls. Please limit your use of the phone booths to three hours per day. If you need additional time for meetings or calls, you can book the conference room.

Conference room

Monthly members are provided with certain conference room benefits and can book the conference room here:


The tables and benches outside are available for Drop Zone Cowork members and day pass users. Please lower the umbrellas when you're done. The wind can pick up quickly.


The HP Laserjet prints color and black and white. Use the "Drop Zone Cowork" Wi-Fi (not the "Drop Zone Cowork 2.4G" option) to connect to the printer.

Members receive 100 free black and white and 25 free color prints per month. Daily users (and monthly members above their free quote) can pay $0.05 for black and white and $0.25 for color prints. The printer is discoverable wirelessly. There is also a USB cable available. We don't have a fax, but many members have found apps for their phones that work well for faxing.


Hot water and coffee is available to brew yourself. There is a microwave and toaster. Sam’s Snack Shop offers limited snacks for purchase. Depending on inventory, this can include sodas and energy bars. Please use the cash jar.

Suggestions? Questions?

Shannon makes her living as an author and speaker with The Grit Institute, and Peter is the founder of Tiller Money, a uniquely flexible, privacy-first personal finance software solution.

We are also dedicated to building a 21st century library in Winthrop as a hub for learning and community for all ages. Join this dream! If you'd like to learn more and give to this legacy project for the Methow, please visit the Friends of the Winthrop Library web site.

Stay in touch, share your feedback, and let us know if you have questions about DZC. You can reach us at or text 206.669.0130 for urgent matters. Thanks, -Peter & Shannon