Drop Zone Cowork

Drop Zone Cowork provides flexible space and broadband internet so you can connect, collaborate, and do your best work in the Methow.


open desks with 24/7 access, two private phone booths, and a conference room

⚡️ fast ⚡️

powered with 80 mbps internet, the fastest you'll find in the valley


in the heart of Winthrop at 303 Riverside Avenue, easy acess to Mazama and Twisp

day pass

weekday access to Drop Zone Coworker between 8am and 6pm

buy a $29 day pass

monthly membership

24/7 access for a 30 days, includes two hours of conference room time each month

$89/month for 3+ months

$119/month for 1 or 2 months

conference room

the conference room is also available to non-members: $29 for up to two hours, $10 per additional hour

reserve conference room

Coworking in the Methow

Drop Zone Cowork is used by writers, software developers, cartographers, non-profits, fisheries researchers, financial advisors, firefighter trainers, outdoor educators, conference exhibit designers, coaches, political activists, wireless network designers, poets, trainers, students, psychologists, professors, and free agents.

Monthly and daily rates

We've optimized Drop Zone Cowork for anyone who want another place to work out of the house in addition to their home office or kitchen table.

We offer a monthly membership that gives you 24/7 access to Drop Zone Cowork. It's just like a gym membership, and you can cancel anytime.

Need a space to work for just a day? We also offer a daily rate with weekday 8am to 6pm access for $29.

Conference room

The conference room seats six (or eight if you're cozy) and includes broadband access, an HDMI and AirPlay-ready large monitor, and a whiteboard.

Monthly members receive two hours a month of conference room time. Additional reserved time is available for $10 per hour.

Non-members can book the conference room for $29 for up to two hours, and $10 for each additional hour. (Link to view conference room calendar.)